Majorca Summer 2014 – Part 1

Scottish Wildlife Watcher

We arrived at the villa in Cala D’or on the 1st of August, instantly spotting a number of Spotted Flycatchers and a flyover Hoopoe. Later that evening I walked to an area of scrubland that had proven productive on a previous visit after seeing a Long-eared Owl there, however only a single startled Stone Curlew was spotted as the light was fading quickly.

On the 2nd, while walking around the villa more Spotted Flycatchers and Hoopoes were seen as well as Sardinian Warblers, Goldfinch,Alpine Swift and Cirl Bunting. Moorish Geckos were abundant in the evening.

Hoopoe Hoopoe


Moorish Gecko Moorish Gecko

In the afternoon of the 3rd I walked to the area of scrubland again. Goldfinch, Sardinian Warbler and Whinchat were near the start and a single Woodchat Shrike was in a dead tree. I arrived at the area where the Long-eared Owl as spotted last May and once again I…

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Mallorca short break

Trevor On Tour


Audouin’s Gull, a very scarce bird in 1982 – now rather common. Still, a truly lovely larid

We’ve just returned from a short break to Mallorca – flying EasyJet from Luton and staying at the Romantic Hotel in Port de Pollenca.

We first went to Mallorca in 1982, when our eldest was just four months old. Then, we stayed at an hotel on the outskirts of Alcudia near (well practically in!) the Albufera marsh. In those days, as I recall, access to this now internationally acclaimed wetland reserve was down a rough track to a mound, made up mostly of builders debris from the burgeoning tourist industry – from where you could overlook a few wader pools and acres of reed bed. How delightfully different things are today where, thanks to the pioneering conservation efforts of ex-pat Eddie Watkins et al, the eastward expansion of the hotels was halted and the…

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First Steps with No Bai De ~ Backyard updates

California Bonsai Art

These are a few projects that carried over from last year that started as new projects.

These are the shohin pines I started this year from Ed Clark stock. I started the move forward at the Ted Matson workshop at Ed’s in March. This is what they look like since the cut back.

At the workshop

DSC_00820082 (2)



At the Workshop




The elm cuttings as planted


Today and after pruning.









This small trident at the beginning of the season with a layer mark at the bottom of the trunk. the tree was ground layered there and prepared for growing roots.




The spahgnum moss used to keep the roots cool just below the soil.


Some pictures around the tree. I have pretty even rootage around the tree, but I also have even spaced holes with no roots around the tree. I can see where roots are starting to emerge so…

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Cheetah Vs Vultures!


This series of photographs are of a sighting I had where over 30 vultures subtly pushed 3 cheetah off their well deserved kill.

We were watching the 3 young male cheetah devouring a nyala on the open plains of Phinda. It was early morning and the sun was beginning to heat up the earth as it does everyday. With the cool air warming from the sun it begins to rise, creating thermals that vultures use as highways to get around without lifting a feather. Once they reach their preferred height they begin searching for carrion they can clean up.

While we were watching the cheetah finishing off their meal we got sight of a vulture flying high in the sky. It began to descend to get a closer look at what was to be an easy meal. It circled a couple of times before landing on the ground a safe…

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