Ho Chi Minh

in the stride


Like in a beehive.

If I have to choose only one word to describe HCM, it would be buzz.

With more than 7 million people and about 3 500 000 motorcycles, it seems like it is always going at full pace, around the clock.

For anyone that likes exploring, the streets are a fantastic place to roam around. You can still see a lot of traditional heritage and Asian customs on the street, at some places it meets the western world regarding technology and design.

 People live and socialize on the street. From dawn till way after midnight street cafés, coffee shops, stalls and vendors crowd the alleys. It is a flourish of energy and aroma that consume you the moment you step outside your hotel.

People are friendly, products are affordable (mostly), the food is great and the coffee is simply magnificent. More than enough reason to go back, not…

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