Our footsteps through Latin America…

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1 - RSA

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

It is all over.

It is almost impossible to think that it was 8 months ago that I embarked on an epic journey along with eight other adventurers, with the sole mission to go and serve the local church in South America.
Given the opportunity by Global Challenge Expeditions (www.gcex.org), 4 teams of altogether 36 young people were sent out into the nations to go and serve, fellowship, love, encourage and help the local church wherever they set foot.
Our team started in Cuba and worked our way through South America, Georgetown to São Paulo and up North again to Caracas, overlanding through the countries situated against the Pacific.
To sum up a year like this in one sentence would be basically impossible.
In short, it was exhilarating, adventurous, humbling, exciting, nerve-wracking, overwhelming and sometimes just simply awesome! We saw God’s provision, protection, guidance and grace in…

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Ho Chi Minh

in the stride


Like in a beehive.

If I have to choose only one word to describe HCM, it would be buzz.

With more than 7 million people and about 3 500 000 motorcycles, it seems like it is always going at full pace, around the clock.

For anyone that likes exploring, the streets are a fantastic place to roam around. You can still see a lot of traditional heritage and Asian customs on the street, at some places it meets the western world regarding technology and design.

 People live and socialize on the street. From dawn till way after midnight street cafés, coffee shops, stalls and vendors crowd the alleys. It is a flourish of energy and aroma that consume you the moment you step outside your hotel.

People are friendly, products are affordable (mostly), the food is great and the coffee is simply magnificent. More than enough reason to go back, not…

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Indian Boeremark…

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So, after a few days of exploring the streets and neighborhoods in Calcutta, I stumbled upon this fresh produce market not too far from where we stayed.

The majority of the locals buy almost everything they need at markets such as this. Everything from fruit to vegetables, different kinds of meat, kitchen and household ware, even stationary.
At first glance one quickly realize this is not the Pioniers Museum Boeremark we all go to on Saturday mornings. No pancakes, jaffels, vetkoeke or Tribeca coffee anywhere to be found. If you are looking for a skinned goat head however, you are at the right place!

I grew up on a farm so slaughtering animals, blood and the smells that accompany it are all too familiar for me. But on my arrival to the market I was forced to stop for a second and just reassess my motives for wanting to…

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2015 Alabama Bonsai Society Spring Show part 1

Nebari Bonsai

Probably the best, and by far, the most educational show we’ve had in my time here. Crazy and Kathy Shaner were both in attendance; Crazy as our judge and guest artist, and Kathy as an honored guest. My sincere appreciation goes out to both for their time and support of our show.


Here are the winners from the show; courtesy of John Walker Photography:

1st deciduous, Korean Hornbeam

2nd deciduous, Japanese maple

1st evergreen, Itoigawa juniper

2nd evergreen, Japanese Black Pine

1st flowering, Satsuki azalea

2nd flowering, Satsuki azalea

Best in show, Pyracantha

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The 2015 Bonsai Societies of Florida Annual convention

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

As I might have mentioned several times now, I was a recent attendee (and Bsf officer and vendor) at the Bsf convention. This is a blog answering why. Why go, why participate, why volunteer, etc.

Here’s a good reason, right off the bat: Dinner with Guy Guidry at the Boston Lobster Feast. That’s all I’ll let you know about that. What happens in the BLF stays in the BLF.

Let’s start at the beginning. The convention took place on May 22-25 at The Florida Hotel inside the Florida Mall, Orlando. It was held there last year and will be there next year as well.

This year, the club spearheading the convention was the Bonsai Society of Brevard, one of the biggest in the state, and the convention was chaired by my friend, Ronn Miller. My position as the 2nd vp of Bsf officially makes me the liaison with the host…

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