Child Care Issues. And Other Interesting Dynamics in the Osprey Family.


It was almost lunch time. Lofty, the oldest chick, was in charge at the nest. Mama Sandy had left for a fishing trip to complement what Papa Stanley brings in. Teenagers have a bottomless appetite, as we all know.

osprey chick leaves for somr flight practice Sand Key Park Clearwater Florida Aspire leaves for some flight practice…

Aspire, the middle chick who fledged late last week, decided she needed another practice flight around the salt marsh. But Lofty stayed with Sindile. It was heartwarming to see how this little sister found comfort in big brother’s company. When nasty black birds flew over the nest chasing Aspire, she gradually moved closer and closer to her brother.

smallest osprey chick with her big brother Sand Key Park Clearwater Florida Lofty looks after his little sister, who looks at the black birds and decides she doesn’t like them…very much.

Aspire flew around for about five minutes before she got tired of being harassed and decided to return to the nest. But that was easier said than done.

newly fledged osprey chick on a practice flight Florida Aspire on her…

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