Maple Leaves – Spring

Scratch Bonsai

Thought it would be interesting to compare/contrast leaves from all maples in the garden.

DSC_1105 All from bonsai material

Top L-R: Acer Palmatum Sango Kaku (Coral Bark), Acer Palmatum ‘Atropurpureum’, Acer Palmatum Sango Kaku , Acer Palmatum unknown

Middle L-R: Acer Bergerianum (Trident), Acer Campestre (Field Maple), Acer Palmatum unknown#2, Acer Palmatum ‘ Deshojo’, Acer Ginnala (Amur Maple), Acer Palmatum unknown#4

Bottom:  Acer Palmatum ‘Sango Kaku’

If anyone can identify the unknown cultivars please let me know.  Or also if I have misidentified any.  These all came from individual trees that are in pots or being field grown for bonsai purposes.  Deshojo is definitely the winner at this time of year.

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