Buy the trunk, not the branches

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Uhhhhhh…..what da’ hell?As I may have mentioned, I had plans to attend the 2015 Bsf convention over this past Memorial Day weekend. I took some pictures and did some interesting things while there and I promise I’ll be writing that blog soon. But I wanted to cover this tree in a quick post before I write that one, which might prove to be a marathon session.

This tree was one of my acquisitions from the vendor area, from Mike Cartrett actually, it’s a ficus microcarpa. He got it from a man selling off his excess trees, which is something he does a lot of. The tree is the microcarpa species and not one of the many varieties, which you can tell by the white dots on the leaf. Ficus Benjamina has the same dots too, but it’s easy to tell them apart; the f. microcarpa leaf is about twice…

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One thought on “Buy the trunk, not the branches

  1. I say that all the time to newbie bonsai enthusiasts. Get out of the bonsai section and go find a larger cheaper tree or bush that actually has trunk development!

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