The cycle continues: Chishio Japanese Maple

Nebari Bonsai

One interesting lesson I’ve learned is, that while a tree is never “finished”, it does go through 5-7 year cycles, where the tree is worked into a peak showable condition, shown for a year or two, and then shifted back into development mode. In development mode, the tree is allowed to grow, pump up, and the design is improved upon.

After my maple was shown at the USNBE in 2012, I became committed to working out some flaws that were pretty apparent in the photo album:

1. The nebari was faulty; young, sparse, and lacking in stability.
2. The trunk was green.
3. The primary branching was coarse.

So the tree went back into development mode, and in March 2013, I thread-grafted 7 seedlings through the base to help widen it and fill in some holes.2013:


In 2014, the 3 best-placed grafts had failed, but 4 were still going strong…

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