Plastic bonsai? What? 

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Sometimes I just like to stir the puddin’, and I think this post will do just that. It’ll annoy a few, make a few think but hopefully entertain you all. Let us introduce you to our cast of rogues for today’s drama; some willow leaf ficus (ficus salicaria to be precise. If you see anyone call it differently I give you permission to brutally put that ignorant individual in their place. Become that cyber bully you so much want to be, go ahead, you’ll feel empowered enough that you might just might think you can fly. Fly right off a bridge.)

Four trees, all the same species but all different looks and forms (here’s the first shot across the bow, we should not be calling the different “styles” of trees “styles”. I believe it’s a misunderstanding of the essence of Japanese to use the word “style”. In karate, the way…

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