The Story of Shikra(Accipiter badius)

Residual thoughts

Shikra 1_sRGB

I got into birding and photographing birds, quite by chance, around three years ago. However, my interest back then was primarily to identify these winged beauties and I was quite content with capturing their low resolution jpeg pictures from my point and shoot camera. Life changed a bit when I got myself my first DSLR and a zoom lens. Along with the DSLR came the desire to capture better and closeup pictures.

Once, during a visit to Bandipur Tiger Reserve, around that time, I was busy trying to shoot a flying White Rumped Shama. Though the conditions very foggy and the lighting really far from ideal, I was shooting at high shutter speed to capture the bird in flight. As the safari jeep moved forward I spotted a Shikra, perched at eye level, on a naked branch of a tree and right in front of us. I quickly whistled the…

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