More Bargains (for the garden at least)

Scratch Bonsai

Again, some cheap discoveries in the corner of a large garden centre.  I couldn’t resist.

DSC_0928 Japanese Maple. I’m unsure what cultivar.

DSC_0939 Roots trimmed and some potential nebari identified.

DSC_0940 Originally grafted but a good union.

DSC_0941 Pleasing flared base.

DSC_0942 Chopped and in the ground on a tile. Straight trunks left to provide air layer material.

DSC_1072 In leaf yesterday.

I also spotted these two young different Japanese Maple plants and snapped them up.



DSC_1027 A future twin trunk

DSC_0929 Possible broom style?

DSC_1028 Wonderful nebari

DSC_1030 Inverse taper where the trunks originate.

DSC_1031  A better view for a front.

DSC_1032 Thickest trunk chopped at the rear. More chopping later in the year perhaps.

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