Review: The Warbler Guide App

The Drinking Bird

At long last, after a miserable winter across most of the eastern US, warbler season is finally upon us! Earlier this month I heard by first Louisiana Waterthrush of the year, a robust fountainhead of bird song echoing from a small wooded stream. It won’t be much longer before the headlong rush towards the boreal forests is joined in earnest, and I’ll be trying to get outside as often as possible to take it all in. Can any of us do any less?

When Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle’s The Warbler Guide came out in 2013, it was hailed as perhaps the finest example of a family-specific field guide yet. I even said as much, calling it a “quantum-leap forward” in the way family guides are produced. Part of its greatness lied in the way that the information was laid out, with a premium paid towards comparison of similarly positioned…

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