Ok, here’s the semi-cascade ficus from the last post. And cloning, because cloning is cool. 

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I suppose you are all waiting on this tree:And it’s ultimate disposition too?

Ok, but you’re gonna learn a bit about metallurgy, cloning, and whatever else my twisted imagination may come up with. Ready? Here’s a look at the trunk:Notice the bulbous quality. I’ll get to that a bit later. Cloning and all.

First step is a bit of clean-up. This is a ficus salicaria (a willow-leaf ficus, often called nerifolia or salicifolia). It’s a prolifically budding ficus that needs serious pruning in the growing season.

A little off the top:

Some defoliation.

I believe this is the front. Mainly because this is definitely the back.

Now, if you remember the premise of this post (which I described in the lastpost), I was challenged to create a semi-cascade out of a willow leaf ficus. This was a challenge set out by none other than Heart Throb Seth…

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