Trident Maple Inspection

Scratch Bonsai

DSC_0404 August 2014

Another tree lifted, pruned and put into a new growing bed.  A trident maple that, like all other maples of mine has never really thrived in the heavy clay soil of the garden.  Didn’t have to prune much and very happy with the root system on this.  Great nebari forming after only four years of training.


The last picture is my preferred front for the nebari and this lends itself to a leaning of the lower trunk which is good too.  However I am unhappy with the rest of the trunk.  You can see where I’ve made a previous trunk chop too far up the tree and haven’t introduced movement either.  I’m half tempted to reduce the whole thing down to the first or second branch and wire up a new leader from new growth this year.  Going to think about it for a while longer before I…

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