Fusing trident maple trunks

New post by my favorite bonsai blogger.

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Here it is, the post you’ve been waiting your whole life for, how to make little trees into big trees!

Or something like that.

Let me introduce the players:

The trees areacer buergerianum (trident maple). There are two different growing methods that have been employed here: one was to let them grow slow, so the nodes (the places where leaves and branches emerge from) were close together. The other method, which I’ve shown several times now, is the cd root improvement technique.

What I’m about to do now is something I read in an old bonsai magazine years ago (I can’t find the article, all those mags are print only, I can’t imagine all the knowledge that is stuffed in a box in some closet in Peoria…. which is a shame. Not only is all that info hidden away, it makes people think that the the latest hotshot…

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