Swallow wallowing in mud

Hi All who are interested. My newest addition to the Lakside property’s bird list is a pair of Lesser striped swallows. They landed on our balcony railing for a descent introduction and portrait session whereafter they took off for a glide and proceeded to wallow in the mud presumably to go collect building material. Seems like they too are in the baby making syndrome which has gripped the wetland around The Lakeside. Seems like the windyness is not detering the weavers in the slightest. When one nest blows away they proceed to build a new one the next day. In the last month they have build at least twelve or so nests amongst our three nearest males. Further down is another colony of at least 20-30 nests.

Thanx for listening while I enjoy a cuppa and enjoy the swallow shennanigans.
Regards, Wolfgang in Muizenberg CT.

2 thoughts on “Swallow wallowing in mud

  1. Hello Wolfgang

    What a great sighting! Lesser Striped swallows are extremely rare in the western Cape. Do you have any photos?

    Kind regards

    James McFarlane

    1. Hi James

      Yes I do have photos of the birds and after having a look at them and comparing it to the Bird guide I must admit I made a mistake in saying they were Lesser Striped. I was under the impression lesser was because the stripes are thinner but the Bird-guide shows just the opposite and these are then Greater Striped swallows. Still its a great show they putting on doing their nestbuilding antics.

      Thank you for the correction James.


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