New year. Old site.

Hi Everyone,
This is my first blog entry for the year 2013. Hope its going to be a great birding year for everyone. Have not had too much oportunity to go out birding much yet this year and the bird feeder is also only producing mostly the same old birds. I have added a birdbath and this has swelled the number of birds slightly. One evening I had at least ten diffirent bird species here at once by the birdbath and feeder. 3 Dove species, common and red-winged Starlings, House sparrows, masked weavers, common waxbill, cape bulbul and a lone cape wagtail all enjoying a meal and drink at once.

On one morning last week on an early morning stroll I saw that the Greater Flamingoes have made zandvlei estuary their temporary home. Also hear that there are a larger group wading at strandfontein sewrage works. Also seen on my stroll were two Goliath herons on the reedy verge of the vlei as well as a pair of Blacksmith Lapwings. There were also a lot of common terns flying about. Another sight was dozens of swallows flying low over the water and some even skimming the water probably drinking water.

Enjoy your birding in 2013.

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