Birding Big Day

Hello all.

Today 24 November 2012 is this years official Birdlife SA Birding Big Day, the day allocated to support Birdlife SA in fund raising for Avian Conservation.

Already so far I have seen Rock Pigeon, Common starlings, Cape Turtle dove, Laughing dove, Feral pigeons, Hartlaubs Gulls, House sparrows, Cape sparrows, Cape and Southern Masked weavers and Common waxbills galore. Most of them are congregated around my birdfeeder.

Last night we had supper at the beach again and connected with the grey headed gull again, seems he is resident on Muizenberg beach. There were Hartlaubs gulls, Kelp gulls and African Black Oystercatchers in that group. Later on the way home I saw a tern over Zandvlei lagoon again.

Will be going to Die Oog a bit later today to see whats buzzing there. Oops and now its turning out to be a dreary day in Cape Town. Its drizzling and vey windy. And then the sun makes a brief appearance again.


P.S. Just had a Rock pigeon having a nice shower right in front of me. He was opening up both wings and having the rain wash under his wings, how interesting was that.

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