A bit of a Lark, I think Not.

In a blog titled ‘A bit of a Lark’ i read rescently the author was commenting about her twitching ability or rather her inability to twitch properly she commented about her lack of being able to decide which Lark she had photographed.

Now if she had Doug Newman and Gordon Kings book Southern African LBJ’s made simple she would have found it easier to find the right type of Lark. Just because we have 22 larks and another 5 sparrow-larks does not mean you have to battle to find your bird. With the books easy way of finding the right LBJ you will imediately find which bird it is. This will come in handy on days like 24November2012 when @birdlife SA have their Birding Big Day where you have to identify the most birds in a 24 hour period.

The birding fraternity divide themselves up into teams of 4 and proceed to count up their lists.
I have heard rescently that the Karoo specialist Japie Claasens will be in CT and was looking to team up with a local group.

Would this not make a formidable team: Japie Claasen, Trevor Hardaker, Brian van der Walt and Mariaan Delport. How would they fare against Ettiene Marais, Faansie Peakock, Doug Newman and Gordon King. Interesting topic………. Think about it. Who would win?

Latest Garden List addition

Hi all.

Just a quick update. The latest addition to my garden list was a group of Cape Bulbul, Pycnonotus capensis. They came to check out the action at the feeder where there was a big barney on the go between the pigeons and the weavers again. The weavers are still coming to collect food for the nests. Have seen quite a few scragly looking juveniles around.

Another exciting note is that I have seen an African Fish Eagle on a dry tree on Zandvlei dam. Exciting. My favorite raptor.

Cheers .