Latest Gossip

Latest Gossip.

Hi There,

Seems my wife enjoys buying Fish and Chips and the going to have supper at Muizenberg Beach. Thats what we did agian this evening.

Arriving at the beach just after 5pm I noticed a great group of Kelp Gulls congregated on the rocks. They we’re collecting mussles an then flying about ten to twelve foot up in the air and dropping the mussles on the rocks, then there’d be a mad dash of about six to ten adult, juvenile and immature gulls to see who gets the morsels that fall out the shells. This went on for a good part of an hour.

Later we emptied out the rest of our chip scraps to the pigeons and Hartlaub’s gulls. Did not manage to see the Grey-headed Gull from the other evening but the greyish rings are bocomimg more noticable on the Hartlaubs on Muizenberg beach.

Also filled up my bird feeder at home again and within 20 minutes every weaver and Rock Pigeon was feeding merrily again.

Want to go wandering around Zandvlei tommorrow. Will keep you posted about anything special.

Happy Birding.
Wolfgang in Lakeside,Muizenberg.

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