Fighting Attitude

Fighting Attitude.

Am I responsible for the latest trend of the birds fighting each other when coming to the Feeder?
Seems its the latest trend with the biggest bird being first to get seeds. The toughest fights take place between the male Southern Masked Weavers and the male Cape Weavers. Even the tiny waxbills land up fighting with the weavers even though they don’t feed from the feeder but from the ground where the weavers mess a lot of the seeds from the feeder.

Went to have supper on the beach at Muizenberg this evening. We were mobbed by a flock of Hartlaubs gulls. I noticed a couple Grey-Headed Gulls amoungst the Hartlaubs. What made me sure of this is the very light coloured eyes. Also noticed a lot of the Hartlaub’s were juveniles with a lot of brown blotches on their wings. Did not see any Kelp gulls though.