Great Birding at my New Premises.

Great birding at my New House.

Have attempted before but unsuccesfully tried to blog the delightful new premises I now occupy overlooks a mini wetland. Have resident breeding Southern Masked Weavers. In the two weeks I have been here I noticed two new nests going up so there are now four neatly woven nest about 20 meters from my lounge window.

Last weekend I went and bought myself a bird feeder which I put up. In the week the feeder has been up it has already attracted Laughing doves, red-eyed doves and a couple masked weavers. Another visitor I got today landing on my varandah was a yellow billed egret.

Another interesting sighting was a Pied Crow being harassed by a couple red winged and european starlings. All in all a great birding garden with lots of indigenous plants shrubs and trees. Glad to have moved here from the drab flat I had in Diep River.

Mega Birding: Black Skimmer

A BlackSkimmer was found at Rietvlei Nature Reserve in Table View, Cape Town on thursday 4October2012. The first time this species has been seen in South Africa. It is supposedly a North American nominate, white tail and largely white underparts. the only other Sighting was in Namibia.

Latest News has it that the bird vanished on the Friday evening and was never seen again. Another Black Skimmer was located in Walvis Bay in Namibia on the Sunday evening where it stayed for about four days before disappearing again. Could this have been the same bird? Many fundies reacon it was…….will we ever know the truth.

I have moved from Diep River

Hi Everyone.

I have moved from Diep River to Lakeside, ;Muizenberg across from Zandspruit. Outside my Duplex is a marshy area that is home to a miriad of birds from weavers to waxbills to warblers. Have been in my element with the camera. Hope to get some published soon. Watch this space for a lot more updates. Oh and I havent been to Die Oog in quite awhile so no updates from there.