I saw yesterday that a lot of pepole had come back to my blog in anticipation of a new post. Sorry to dissapoint everyone but my net access was down most probably due to the fact that we are having terrible winds here in Cape Town, especially on the Beautiful False Bay coast.

Getting back to my beautiful surroundings the birds are really enjoying utilising the feeder. I see the birds are having problems flying about being thrown from pillar to post in the strong winds. The waxbills prefer crawling around on the floor.
One group of about 5, I noticed bunching up together but they were being thrown about on the tip of the restio stalk they were occupying. Later they decided to huddle together under a restio bush.

The poor weavers nests are also being flung about wildly as the reeds sway madly in the wind. Its a wonder the eggs dont get thrown out of the nest. Suppose the architecture of these nests is such that the eggs and chicks are safe in high winds.

Anyway hope everyone enjoys their birding.
Happy twitching for those going to chase the Bataleur Eagle at De Hoop.
Wolfgang Rohloff.

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