A question of dominance.

Seems like Bird-feeder was a Hit.

I notice that the bird-feeder I have installed has become a hit with a miriade of birds. Today I see the birds are jostling for dominance. From the Large Rock Pigeons with their red eyes and white specled sides to the medium Cape Turtle doves and smaller Laughing doves. Next are the European or Common Starlings and Red-winged Starlings. Then in line are the Largish Southern Masked Weaver( as pointed out to me by Mike Buckham, Sorry Mike my BAD), the smaller Female masked-weavers and equal sized 0ale Cape Weavers and the smallish Female Cape weavers. Last to utilise the feeder are the Immature and Juvenile Weavers and even the Common Waxbills.

Seems like the 4 nests in the reeds are in full operation as the Female weavers are frequenting the feeder at such a rate that I need to fill it nearly every day. Seems like these birds are glad we moved here. Now they are getting a good supply of food on their doorstep.

How about the bird-clubs in the area coming to do some ringing here. Just a thought.

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