Great Birding at my New Premises.

Great birding at my New House.

Have attempted before but unsuccesfully tried to blog the delightful new premises I now occupy overlooks a mini wetland. Have resident breeding Southern Masked Weavers. In the two weeks I have been here I noticed two new nests going up so there are now four neatly woven nest about 20 meters from my lounge window.

Last weekend I went and bought myself a bird feeder which I put up. In the week the feeder has been up it has already attracted Laughing doves, red-eyed doves and a couple masked weavers. Another visitor I got today landing on my varandah was a yellow billed egret.

Another interesting sighting was a Pied Crow being harassed by a couple red winged and european starlings. All in all a great birding garden with lots of indigenous plants shrubs and trees. Glad to have moved here from the drab flat I had in Diep River.

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