Seabirds at Risk

Peter Chadwick writes in the May 2012 Getaway magazine about eabirds at risk.

They play a role in maintaining balance in ecosystems and bring tourists to our shores, yet more than half of South Africa’s breeding coastal bird species are threatened.

With 2500km of coastline, South Africa boasts one of the richest marine areas in the world. This in turn attracts a myriad sea- and shore-bird species, which play a vital role in the environment.

Sadly our seabirds are at risk. The African Penguin, for example , could be extinct by 2025 and African Black Oystercatcher populations reached all time lows of 4500 birds in the early 1980’s. Nine of the 17 Southern African breeding coastal species are listed in The Escom Red Data Book of Birds of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland as regionally threatened.