Bird sightings needed.

SANBI and ADU require your help. You are living near a research area for a SANBI approved research project if you stay in the southern peninsula of Cape Town. Your observations can help us to understand how birds are vulnerable to climate change.

The project marks fynbos birds with colour rings and numbered metal rings, to help us study their movements, behaviour and survival.

If you see a colour marked Cape Sugarbird or Orange Breasted Sunbird please record the following:
1.) what species you saw
2.) what date it was
3.) where you saw it
4.) what colour combination it was.

Please note the colours carefully – top to bottom. The Cape Sugarbird is Pink/Yellow/Light Green(Pi/Y/LG) and the Orange-breasted Sunbird is Pink/Blue(Pi/B).

Photograph the bird if you can but please don’t disturb it.

Please send info to: Dr Phoebe Barnard, SANBI 0835628238/0217998722 or Email

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